Whistleblower & Integrity Hotlines

“39.1% of whistleblower reports come through tip-off”

Too often employees, suppliers or stakeholders see serious issues, or warning signs of serious issues, but don’t know what to do, where to report their concerns or are afraid to speak up. Our Whistleblower & Integrity Hotline service is the solution. We perform a review of your existing program and assess its strengths, compliance ‘gaps’ and opportunities for improvement.

We then tailor our service to meet your needs whether they be a traditional ‘whistleblower’ program cover fraud, theft and bullying for example, or a broader ‘speak up’ program which allows people to report matters involving well being, organisational culture or even raise constructive opportunities for improvement.

Innovative, User Friendly Platform

Our Integrity Hotline is the first reporting platform to allow anonymous reporting whilst still enabling two way communications. This ensures your people feel safe to speak up and means you get early access to the information you need. Conveniently, reports can be made at the ‘click of a button’, through your organisations website, using a smartphone, by QR code (see below) in addition to traditional phone, email and mail.

Giving you the best and most practical technology solution is just the beginning. We offer a fully managed service which means developing and implementing the Integrity Hotline operationally, triage and assessing reported incidents and providing you all the information you need to appropriately respond.