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We are thought leaders in integrity risk management and work with corporate, government and professional sporting organisations to deliver top-tier results. We are passionate about the work we do and go above and beyond to support protecting your people, reputation and bottom line – no matter the situation.

Darren Murphy

Founder and CEO

Darren Murphy’s expertise spans his 25-year career in law enforcement as a detective in the Fraud Squad with the NSW Police Force and within the corporate sector. Across his career, Darren has managed hundreds of complex and sensitive whistleblower investigations, including transforming a traditional whistleblower hotline into a full-service Speak Up Hotline at one of Australia’s largest financial institutions.

From internal and external fraud, bribery, corruption and employee misconduct, Darren is an industry leader in integrity and conduct risks. Darren is passionate about protecting an organisation’s reputation, people and bottom line, and looks to help senior executives implement a proactive approach to how they manager their fraud, corruption and integrity risks.

Dylan Bohnen

Director – Advisory & Investigations

Joining the Core Integrity team in 2018, Dylan Bohnen looks to help people do the right thing. With a background in employment law, Dylan is highly experienced in negotiating with trade unions, advising on government labour policy and law, and drafting employment contracts and general commercial contracts.

Dylan assists and advises companies on internal policies and procedures and identifies pathways for these organisations to better help their people uphold the organisation’s values and culture. He is a firm believer in companies taking a proactive approach to workplace issues – big or small – and sees integrity risk management and corporate governance as integral strategies for organisations to meet their full potential.

Suzanne Murphy

Business Operations Manager

Suzanne has been part of the team at Core Integrity since its inception in 2016, whilst raising her young family. With over 17 years of corporate experience in one of Australia’s largest banks, Suzanne brings a wealth of operational and strategic experience to the team. 

Suzanne enjoys watching the team at Core Integrity flourish whilst she provides operational and strategic support. She relishes the opportunity to work flexibly and be engaged in her family’s lives, whilst being able to add significant value to the team and success at Core Integrity. Suzanne believes whole-heartedly in the values that Core Integrity is helping spread across corporate, Government, and sporting organisations across Australia.

Laila Djemailovic

Senior Manager – Speak Up Integrity Programs

Laila’s experience and career spans 24 years in both the corporate and government sectors acting as a lawyer and investigator in her various roles. Her attention to detail ensures our clients receive the best service available.

Having just completed her Bachelor of Psychological Sciences, Laila understands the importance of psychological safety and encouraging a safe, unbiased Speak Up culture ensuring effective communication between the Reporters and our Clients. Ensuring unconditional positive regard in her engagement with those she deals with Laila is an open, honest and valued asset to the Core Team.

Laila is a firm believer in open communication and ensuring workplaces provide an independent avenue for their employees to Speak Up and voice their concerns ensuring anonymity when requested. Being forewarned is being forearmed and she sees the value in providing a service that allows employees to air their grievances to improve workplace culture.

Living the values of Core, Laila teaches Primary Ethics at her local Primary School, ensuring the next generation of adults learn to develop skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking and respectful discussions.

Kathy Syben

Senior Manager

Joining Core Integrity in 2021 and with over 25 years in Human Resources, Kathy has a comprehensive background in developing and deploying human capital strategies aligned to organisational objectives. Accomplished at working across all facets of the employee life-cycle, Kathy has led change, built HR functions, pioneered new programmes, led remuneration efforts, identified and mitigated people-related risk and led organisational development activities. 

Passionate about helping organisations do the best by their people, Kathy offers end to end HR services with a focus on culture reviews, employee engagement, employee relations, and policy development. Kathy understands the complexities of people and organisational dynamics and the importance of treating people well in order to do well.



Wayne Richards


Wayne is a consultant for Core Integrity and has 12 years of experience in the NSW Police Force, previously working as a General Duties and intelligence officer at Kuring-Gai LAC.

Due to his role as an Intelligence officer at the NSW Police Witness Protection Unit, Wayne is highly skilled in conducting complex risk management assessments of potential witnesses in an extremely sensitive environment.

Wayne’s previous experience as an Intelligence Supervisor Sergeant at the NSW Police Professional Standards Command involved the management of a team of analysts tasked with assessments of highrisk Police Officers, secondary employment, and Commissioners no confidence orders.

He is also experienced in reviewing high-profile police corruption cases and detection of criminal groups infiltrating NSW Police.

Wayne is a highly experienced analyst with expertise in innovation, analysis and managing crisis.

He was a trusted advisor and workplace mentor within a sensitive, fast paced, and high-profile government agency and brings these attributes to his role at Core Integrity.


Rochelle Carsi Cruz

Client Success Specialist

Rochelle Carsi Cruz, formerly a Client and Engineer Relationship Manager at a German Solar Company, brings extensive experience in ensuring client satisfaction and managing complex projects. Her dedication to establishing effective communication channels, monitoring project progress, and providing technical support reflects her commitment to client success. 

Rochelle’s expertise extends to project management, where she excels in resource allocation and adherence to industry procedures and regulations. With a unique combination of relationship management, project coordination, and strategic planning skills, Rochelle plays a crucial role in Core Integrity’s Client Success team, contributing significantly to the success and satisfaction of clients.



Lenette Venturina

Executive Assistant

Lenette is a meticulous, adaptable, and proactive professional who is committed to enhancing workflow efficiency and upholding confidentiality with utmost precision. She possesses a wealth of organisational and administrative skills and demonstrates a strong dedication to supporting executive success.


With extensive experience spanning nearly a decade in optimising operations, overseeing calendars, and facilitating seamless communication, Lenette thrives in demanding environments that require exceptional performance under pressure.

Jono Gaydon

Technical Business Analyst

Jono believes in the power of data to improve business cultures. As Core Integrity’s resident IT SME, he manages telephony, databases, and the entire IT infrastructure, maintaining smoothly running systems to ensure client experiences are not harder than they need to be.

Jono develops insightful dashboards that give our clients a holistic view of their ‘integrity status’ and help them identify areas of improvement. Jono is passionate about nurturing relationships and promoting honesty and transparency to prevent incidents.

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