Corethix Integrity Risk Platform

Making managing risk and compliance easy with our cloud-based platform

Corethix makes managing risk and compliance easy for everyone in your organisation

Managing risk and compliance within your organisation is an important task and yet across the globe most organisations are still relying on outdated and disconnected systems and processes for achieving optimal compliance. Corethix was designed to solve this problem by harmonising your key compliance activities into one easy to use and secure platform. Our leading platform makes the job of managing compliance easy for risk and compliance teams whilst providing boards, directors and executives with comfort that their organisation is focused on managing risk effectively. 

Our platform provides a centralised and holistic view of your organisation with real-time data and insights, brought to life with our innovative Integrity Risk Index™.

Cloud-based compliance

One platform with 8 modules

Our leading integrity risk and compliance platform combines your key compliance activities into one easy to use online solution. Our cloud-based platform has 8 modules that make the job of managing your compliance obligations easy for everyone across your organisation.  Our leading compliance platform and modules covers the entire integrity lifecycle of prevent, detect, respond and optimise and helps drive employee engagement and awareness. 


Our default modules

Policies & Documents

Manage version control, distribute by function or role and drive awareness through attestation.


Increase declarations of COI’s, Gift and Entertainment and manage risk in real time.


Capture a wide range of safety and workplace incidents as they happen and manage risk in real time.


Enable your people to consolidate their key work-related certifications in one central place.


Test knowledge on polices and procedures or launch engagement and feedback surveys.

Speak Up

Increase declarations of COI’s, Gift and Entertainment and manage risk in real time.


Engage your employees on important company announcements and reduce inbox clutter.

Video Library

Communicate key messages and expectations to drive increased adherence and awareness.

Manage your Integrity risks with a Consolidated Software Platform

Access anywhere, any time and on any device

Take your risk management into the 21st century

Increase employee engagement and awareness by taking your risk and compliance program online and into the 21st century with Corethix. Our leading cloud-based integrity risk platform is accessible anywhere, any time and on any device making it easy for your people to meet their compliance obligations. No more paper-based forms, outdated and hard to find policies.

Real time data and insights

Track the effectiveness of your compliance program

Our online platform provides your organisation with real time data and actionable insights into the effectiveness of your risk and compliance program. We have developed our innovative Integrity Risk Index (TM) which uses data from your people and their compliance activities to provide your organisation with a real-time score that shows you the effectiveness of your organisation’s compliance program.

Our innovative IRI is designed to help boards, directors and executives get a real time ‘pulse’ of the organisation regarding its risk and compliance activities. With Corethix, you can now include accurate risk and compliance data in your board reporting. Our IRI can be leveraged to drive future compliance and education initiatives and demonstrate the compliance culture of the organisation to both internal and external stakeholders. 

Unlock the hidden power of your compliance data with Corethix.


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