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Core Integrity operates a Strategic Partner Program where we identify industry experts and recognised leaders in their fields and partner with them to provide access to our flagship products and services. This partnership program is selective, we only work with the best. With folks who share the same passion and values as our team and who are focused on helping people do the right thing. 

By becoming a Strategic Partner with Core Integrity, our partners gain access to our leading products and services so they can complement their existing service offering and ensure they become the go to service provider to their clients. 

In an increasingly competitive industry, being a strategic partner with Core Integrity protects your business from competitive threats and enables you to focus on what you do best – serving your clients. 

We are always looking for the best subject matter experts in their fields who are interested in offering their clients access to the latest whistleblowing, investigations and compliance solutions. 

Our current partners
Capital Integrity logo

"Capital Integrity is proud to enter into a strategic partnership with Core Integrity. Darren and the team at Core Integrity are industry leaders in helping people protect their companies, reputation and bottom line, and this corporate ethos, combined with their skills in investigations, whistleblowing management and compliance systems will immeasurably help our clients."

Cameron Watts, CEO


"SIGPA is a full-service sports integrity and governance consultancy. Core Integrity is a valuable SIGPA partner who help us to offer our clients a range of tools, including integrity reporting hotlines, whistleblowing expertise, investigation depth and access to the innovative Corethix platform. Together, Core Integrity and SIGPA offer complementary services that give our clients access to best practice integrity program management support."

Iain Roy, CEO


"Teaming up and collaborating with Core Integrity, the leader in integrity management, provides us here at the Forensix Group with a significantly increased capability to help our current and former clients across Australasia. Darren and his team have developed best practices in whistleblowing services, integrity, risk and compliance platforms that add real value to large and small organisations across all sectors. This partnership is the perfect solution for those with risk and integrity problems."

Gregory Lamey, CEO

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