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Certificate Module
Track and monitor COVID vaccination status

As you update your businesses COVID Safety Plan have you considered if you will be mandating the COVID vaccination to allow your employees to return to your premises? 

Have you thought about your COVID protocols and how you will track the vaccination status of your employees?

This is how you can easily manage COVID compliance for your return-to-work staff with the Corethix Certificate Module:

  • All staff can access the platform with their own log-in, even for multi-location workplaces
  • Request policy attestation from employees
  • Verify uploaded COVID certificates 
  • Access real time data for tracking and compliance reporting

And that is just one of the eight modules in the Corethix platform.

8 pre-configured modules for easy set up

Many organisations face the same challenges in managing the risk and compliance obligations of their employees. Specifically how they can better manage policies and procedures and get their employees to not only read them, but track their attestation. 

Another important aspect is the management of Conflicts of Interest or Gift & Entertainment declarations. Often, organisations have no register or the registers were empty. Sound familiar?

With eight pre-configured modules, Corethix allows quick and easy setup and management of new protocols and processes. Manage policies, access centralised declaration and (COVID) certification registers, create employee surveys, communicate key messages, and capture workplace incidents for proactive risk management in real time. 

Corethix also has a Speak Up Module so your people can easily locate your secure reporting form to make a speak up report – all from the one platform!

Corethix modules
Gather real-time data and insights

Unlock the power of your risk and compliance data. Using our proprietary Integrity Risk Index, Corethix generates real-time data and actionable insights into the effectiveness of your compliance program. Directors and executives can be confident that they’ll be on the front foot to deal with any emerging issues.

Available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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