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HR service
For any general HR advice and support you can now raise a request via our online form. Our team will provide you the assistance you need.
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Corethix platform
In the Corethix platform, we manage all policies and procedures. Making it easy for you to meet your compliance obligations.
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Speak Up Integrity Hotline
Our Speak Up Integrity Hotline is a confidential service where you can speak up to report any issue that might be impacting you or another member of the organisation.
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Urgent incident support
If you require urgent advice or assistance for any HR or Integrity related matter we have you you covered.
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Core Integrity is proud to be the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs official HR & Integrity Partner

As your official HR & Integrity Partner, Core Integrity is proud to provide all members of the organisation with access to our leading Human Resource and Integrity Services. This includes the Corethix risk and compliance platform, an Integrity Hotline program, as well as an outsourced human resources service to provide general HR support and advice. We also provide an urgent advice and support service for those who need urgent advice or assistance with a HR or Integrity issue. 

HR Advice & Support

For any general HR advice and support you can raise a request via our online form. Our team will provide you with the assistance you need.

Corethix platform

In the Corethix platform, we manage all policies and procedures. Making it easy for you to meet your compliance obligations.

Speak Up Integrity Hotline

A confidential service that allows you to speak up to report any issue that might be impacting you or another member of the organisation.

Urgent Incident Response

If you require urgent advice or assistance for any HR or Integrity related matter we have you you covered.

HR Advice & Support

Core Integrity are the provider of general HR advice & support to your organisation. 

Raise an HR Support request is via the Online Form (below).

All requests will be received and assessed by the Core Integrity team within one business day (24 hours) and assigned to an appropriate person for actioning.

Your organisation also offers an Employee Assistance Program. Learn more below.

Types of HR support requests

Below are some examples of the types of general HR support requests you can raise with the Core Integrity team:

Submit a request

For all HR Support requests, please use the form below to submit your request and one of our friendly team will review and respond within one business day (24 hours). All requests will be reviewed and referred to the appropriately experienced team member based on the nature of your request.

employment investigations services

Corethix platform

Corethix is our HR, risk and compliance platform. All staff, including players, have access to Corethix to access important policies, procedures and forms as well as to undertake important compliance activities. 

The Corethix platform is cloud-based and is accessible via your mobile, tablet or laptop and can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.

Here’s what the Corethix platform is used for

Speak Up Integrity Hotline

The Speak Up Integrity Hotline is an independent and externally managed Integrity Hotline provided by Core Integrity. The Integrity Hotline is designed for all staff and players to report any actual or suspected integrity or workplace conduct issue that has the potential to impact staff, players and your organisation. 

The Integrity Hotline is managed by the team at Core Integrity who are experienced in dealing with sensitive and complex matters. All reports are treated in the strictest of confidence and you can make reports either confidentially or anonymously. The team at Core Integrity will assess all reports and provide these to the appropriate person within the organisation for review, and where appropriate, further action. 

The Speak Up Integrity Hotline is an important initiative by your organisation to create a safe speak up culture and to encourage all staff and players to feel comfortable to raise any issues or concerns early to minimise impact to staff, players and the organisation as a whole. 

The following channels are available to submit a report:

Access the secure online platform to submit a confidential report. Anonymous reporting available. Access now by clicking the link or scanning the QR code below.

[email protected]

Submit a report via email

1800 324 775

Give Core Integrity a call to report an incident via phone.

PO Box 895, Darlinghurst NSW 1300

Submit a report via snail mail.

Follow up a report

Follow the link below to receive updates, ask questions or add information to a submitted report. Navigate to "Check Status" and enter your Report ID to access your report:


The Speak Up Hotline is a new initiative to compliment and support the existing integrity program by providing players, coaches and staff across your organisation with a safe, simple and secure reporting mechanism to raise any integrity, welfare and other related concern.

The Speak Up Hotline is available to all players, coaches and staff within your organisation. The Speak Up Hotline is not open to the general public.

We believe that building and maintaining a positive culture of speaking up is critical to protecting the integrity of our club and our sport. For this reason, we have established the Speak Up Integrity Hotline to complement the existing avenues currently available to players, coaches and staff to speak up on a wide range of issues.

No. The Speak Up Hotline is completely voluntary and is an additional reporting mechanism for players, coaches and staff to use. The Speak Up Hotline does not replace, but adds to, the existing traditional channels to raise concerns, such as the player leadership, coaching, management staff or HR.

You are always encouraged in the first instance to Speak Up through one of the existing channels. However, if you feel more comfortable using the Hotline, the following are examples of issues that you can report through the Hotline:

  • corrupt approaches;
  • match fixing;
  • betting;
  • drugs in sport (anti-doping);
  • illicit drugs;
  • medical treatments/procedures;
  • supplement use;
  • code of conduct matters;
  • high risk associations;
  • bullying, harassment or discrimination;
  • inappropriate social media use;
  • welfare concerns; and
  • other misconduct.

The hotline is independently managed by our integrity partners, Core Integrity. The team from Core Integrity are trained in dealing with complex and sensitive disclosure issues.

It is recognised that, at times, people may not feel comfortable raising an issue in person or with those who they work and/or play alongside. The Speak Up Hotline enables players, coaches and staff to speak to a trained expert to raise a concern early whilst having their confidentiality or identity (should they choose) protected.

You can report an issue a number of ways. Cutting edge technology is used to allow smartphone device reporting via a QR Code or URL. Traditional (phone, email etc.) communication methods are also available. See all reporting channels above.

The trained team at Core Integrity will review the report and work with you to capture as much information as possible in a confidential manner. A detailed summary report is then provided to your organisation only, notifying them of the reported issue.

Depending on the information provided and the nature of the report, your organisation will then consider whether, and to what extent, an investigation is required. They will follow existing processes to appropriately investigate and resolve the matter. This includes the usual engagement with leadership, coaching, management staff and the player/s as appropriate. 

Your organisation will also use the information from reports to understand what are common issues within your organisation and use this information to support ongoing education and welfare initiatives for the benefit of our players, coaches and staff across the organisation.

You will be afforded the protection of confidentiality and anonymity (if you choose) for bringing a matter forward. If there are circumstances where anonymity is not possible, this would be explained to you fully at the time, allowing you to decide how you wish to proceed.

When you report a matter through the Speak Up Hotline, you can leave your details to be contacted throughout the process or you can choose to remain completely anonymous. Even if you wish to remain anonymous, the Core Integrity team are able in certain instances to communicate with you through the secure, two-way communication platform and provide you updates as appropriate.

It is external and independent. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking up via the traditional channels, then you can use the Speak Up Hotline. All reports are treated in the strictest confidence and can be kept anonymous if you want (see below for further detail).

Yes. The Speak Up Hotline uses the latest in secure, anonymous two-way communications so you don’t have to provide your name and other details if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Urgent incident response

In situations where people, property or your organisation’s reputation is at risk, the trained experts at Core Integrity assist with incident response. 

Please remember, this NOT an emergency service. If you are reporting an emergency or require immediate response or assistance please call 000.

Darren Murphy 0466 716 736

Darren Murphy is the CEO of Core Integrity and will take your call personally for timely incident response.

What cases are considered urgent?

How to determine if you require urgent incident response

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This is a confidential counselling service offered to all players, staff and immediate families to help support you when facing life challenges including marital, relationship and family issues, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, job pressures and substance abuse.

Benestar (EAP) 1300 000 000

Or visit and go to BeneHub Login (or download the Benestar App): Username NRL Token NRL01

Alternatively you can contact Kerri McFarlane from Benestar:

Kerrie can be reached on either email on [email protected] or mobile 0407 388 645, and is available on Mondays and Wednesday afternoons.

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