Developing a tailored Speak Up Integrity Hotline program for Bingo Industries

Where we started

Bingo Industries is an ASX-listed recycling and waste management company with operations across New South Wales and Victoria. Bingo provides end-to-end solutions across the resource management supply chain. Bingo approached Core Integrity in 2019 to become their integrity-risk partner.

We joined with Bingo to create a culture within the company where their people felt safe to speak up and knew that know that when they did speak up, their concerns would be dealt with properly.

This partnership started with the implementation of our independent and externally managed Speak Up Integrity Hotline.
Bingo presented a unique challenge to Core Integrity in that it was our first client that fell within the waste management industry, a highly regulated sector.

Bingo had also seen positive expansion in recent times to become the largest network of recycling and resource centres across NSW and Victoria. With this type of expansion comes the increased risk for fraud and poor culture to fester.

Being proactive in recognising this risk, Bingo approached Core Integrity. We were excited to partner up with an organisation that placed such a high emphasis on creating a safe, speak-up culture.

conducting workplace investigations

What we did

A key requirement for Bingo was having a solution that was easy to use and could be rolled out to the multiple locations and operations, across NSW and Victoria. In addition, due to the dynamic and versatile workforce of Bingo, they needed a solution that could be used across all the various roles at Bingo. Starting from the traditional office-based roles, all the way through to a Bingo truck driver, who saw something during a day’s work and wanted to report the issue to Bingo in a confidential and secure way.

Bingo’s needs required a tailored solution that we were able to create through active client engagement and discussions. We focused on understanding the nature of Bingo’s business, the potential risks that existed within the business and industry and the people of Bingo who would be the beneficiaries of a culture where it is safe to speak up.

We also engaged with Bingo’s stakeholders as it was important to us that they understood the solution that we were proposing, for them to fully recognise the value of our independent and external Speak Up Integrity Hotline.

“The Core Integrity team has a passion for creating a safe speak up culture and the desire to get immersed into your business. They don't just provide a cookie cutter solution, they want to understand the people and what drives them. With the Speak Up Integrity Hotline, I knew that our people would be well looked after.“
Stephen Schmidthofer
Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

The result

Due to the collaborative efforts of all partiers involved, we were able to not only implement a Speak Up Integrity Hotline that was tailored for Bingo and would provide an additional mechanism for individuals to safely speak up. We were also able to assist Bingo in promoting the Integrity Hotline and its value to the wider business.

We shared our experience and expertise in promoting Integrity Hotlines to Bingo and facilitated and provided training and information on key aspects of the program to both senior leaders within the organisation, as well as the wider employee contingent.

Having an independent and externally managed integrity hotline has given Bingo comfort in knowing that a channel exists for employees to speak up confidentiality and anonymous and that these reports will be dealt with consistently and proactively by the Core Integrity team.

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