Corethix New Dashboard Announcement

The team at Corethix are continually working on enhancements and new features to improve the engagement of users whilst improving the ability for administrators to better manage their risk and compliance programs.

One of the key features of the Corethix platform is that it acts as a single source of truth when it comes to managing your people-based risks and it provides your organisation with a holistic view of how conduct risk is being managed across your organisation.

Our Dashboard module is central to this and we are very excited to announce the launch of our new dashboard design which will be rolled out to all clients over the next few days.

This new Dashboard design will provide an enhanced view of how administrators, executives and your board can monitor the effectiveness of your conduct risk and compliance programs.


New Executive Dashboard

We have implemented a new Executive Dashboard which provides administrators with a single, executive overview of the most important data for your organisation. The Executive Dashboard automatically adds data based on which modules have been activated and provides greater flexibility to the administrator to configure the Dashboard based on their individual needs.

The Executive Dashboard consists of a number of widgets, smart dials and charts which are all customisable – putting the power of the data directly into the hands of the administrator.

Separate Dashboard pages for each module

Leveraging the new widgets, smart dials and chart technology from the Executive Dashboard, we have completely rebuilt each of our individual module dashboards. Module dashboards have been enhanced to help administrators see how each module is performing and to quickly identify key reporting, trends and insights.

Each Dashboard page can be configured by the Administrator to hide or display any one of the widgets, smart dials or charts as needed.

Enhanced search and filter capability

Additional search and filter options have been added to the individual Dashboard page data tables to provide Administrators with an enhanced drill-down capability. This will make it easier for Administrators to investigate potential issues occurring in their organisation. The widgets, smart dials and charts on the Dashboard page will update depending on the database search and filtering settings.

This is the first of a number of major enhancements that Corethix will be launching in 2023.

Read more about Corethix here.

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Darren Murphy’s expertise spans his 25-year career in law enforcement as a detective in the Fraud Squad with the NSW Police Force and within the corporate sector. Across his career, Darren has managed hundreds of complex and sensitive whistleblower investigations, including transforming a traditional whistleblower hotline into a full-service Speak Up Hotline at one of Australia’s largest financial institutions. From internal and external fraud, bribery, corruption and employee misconduct, Darren is an industry leader in integrity and conduct risks. Darren is passionate about protecting an organisation’s reputation, people and bottom line, and looks to help senior executives implement a proactive approach to how they manager their fraud, corruption and integrity risks.

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