Protect your data and information from cybersecurity risks

Keep your organisation’s assets and critical infrastructure safe with our preventative risk analysis’, cybersecurity risk assessments and tailored advisory services. 

Our team of risk advisors and certified protective security professionals help protect your data, business operations and bottom line.

Protect your assets from cyber risks

Mitigate your organisations’ risk of malicious attacks, cybercrime, data breaches and physical threats. Implement solid cybersecurity processes that keep your people, data and operations safe.

Contact us today. We provide you with an independent view of the adequacy of your existing security measures and offer solutions that ensure your information security posture meets your needs and your budget. 

Tailored Security Risk Solutions

With physical, human and cyber security risks being interconnected, we believe in a holistic approach to assessing and managing the physical and cyber risks being posed to your business.

Protective Security

Protective Security Assessments and Advice for Corporate Head Offices, Warehouses, Data Centres, Retail Networks and more


Cyber & Information Security

IT security infrastructure Assessments & Protection


Personal Security

  • Executive Protection
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Employee Protection and Personal Safety
  • Travel Security
  • Close Personal Protection

Qualified Experts

Qualified and licensed physical security experts who have gained security experience across the military, law enforcement and corporate security

What our clients say

Our promise


The threats businesses are facing are evolving rapidly. Consequences of breaches or malicious attacks can be devastating for an organisations critical infrastructure and reputation. 

We understand the importance of ensuring your business takes a holistic approach to assessing and managing the physical and cyber risks. My team and I go above and beyond to keep your people and organisation safe. 

Clients turn to us because of our experience and qualifications in corporate and protective security. We can be your trusted partner for ongoing support, or provide ad-hoc assessments and solutions tailored to your needs and budget.

I’m looking forward to speaking to you. 

Darren Murphy
CEO & Founder

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