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Meet Whistleblower Policy requirements

This template will help you cover the most important things a Whistleblower Policy must have to be compliant.

7 key elements of a Whistleblower Policy:

1. Define who is an eligible whistleblower
2. Outline what reportable conduct is
3. Detail how your people can make a report
4. Who can a report be made to – eligible recipients
5. The protections available to them
6. How your organisation will respond to protected disclosures
7. Key roles and responsibilities – WPO & WIO

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What is a Whistleblower Policy?

A whistleblower policy is a document that an organisation should develop to outline details about whistleblowing in their organisation and how protected disclosures are dealt with.

Should your company have a Whistleblowing Policy?

Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act), certain Australian entities have the legal obligation to have a whistleblowing policy. Amendments made to the Corporations Act in 2019 enhanced the laws in Australia relating to whistleblowing, and importantly, to the protections available to whistleblowers.
Why is it important for all organisations to have a Whistleblower Policy?
In addition to the legal obligation on some organisations, it is best practice to outline policies and procedures for your organisation for handling whistleblower disclosures. This codifies the available whistleblower protections and builds the basis for a safe speak up culture. 
In addition, the purpose of a whistleblower policy within a workplace is to outline who qualifies as an eligible whistleblower, who protected disclosures should be made to, the protections available to whistleblowers and key roles involved in the process.

Who is this Whistleblower Policy Template for?

This Whistleblower Policy Template is suitable for corporate (equally for small and large businesses), government (federal, local, state), care and health sectors (e.g. Aged Care, Childcare, Healthcare, Hospitals), sporting (e.g. clubs) and not-for-profit organisations.
We can assist to identify specific requirements for your industry, such as amending the whistleblower policy template to accommodate public interest disclosures for government organisations. 
If you need help drafting your whistleblower policy and navigate requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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