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Our secure online platform is accessible via QR Code and weblink and enables you to make a report safely and securely - including anonymous reports with secure, two-way communications.
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For those looking for a more personal touch, reports can be made via phone. Our experienced team use a trauma informed approach to take your reports and walk you through the process.
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Reports can be made via email. All reports are transcribed into our secure online platform to ensure your report is treated in the strictest of confidence.
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Reports can also be made via traditional mail via our secure post office box.
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Why Speak Up?

At Crown, values are integral to the way things are done, it is essential that acting with integrity remains at the heart of Crown’s business. Crown Resort’s Code of Conduct sets out the expectations for workplace behaviour and encourages team members, suppliers, and others to speak up when they see something that doesn’t seem right.

The Code is underpinned by Crown’s commitment to ethical behaviour, responsible business practice, and good governance.

More than that – speaking up is the right thing to do and ensures you, your colleagues and Crown’s guests can enjoy a safe environment to work and visit.

Who is Core Integrity?

Crown has appointed Core Integrity, an independent and externally managed service, for you to speak up and report any actual or suspected issue, wrongdoing, or illegal activity that has the potential to impact you, your colleagues, our guests or our organisation.

This service is confidential and independently operated.

All reports are treated in the strictest of confidence and only referred by the Core Integrity team to an authorised person within Crown for review and action.

This service is available to all Crown employees, current and former, suppliers to Crown and any relatives or dependents.

When to use Core Integrity’s Speak Up service

If you are a current Crown Resorts employee, you’re encouraged to speak up via the many speak up channels available to you, which include your Manager or another People Leader, Crown’s People and Culture team, or a Risk and Compliance team member. You may also contact the Whistleblower Protection Officer.

If you don’t feel comfortable or safe using one of these Speak Up channels, you can also use Core Integrity’s Speak Up service.

Make a report

We provide you with a number of secure reporting channels to make a report. Choose the channel that suits you best.

Follow up a report

Want to follow up on a report or provide further information? Click here to be taken to the login page.


Got a question about the Core Integrity Speak Up service and how it works? We have you covered. Check out our handy FAQs.

How to raise a concern

Report a concern Online

Raising a concern online is simple, safe, and secure. Simply use the web link to access our secure online platform where you can submit your report.

You may choose to provide your name or remain anonymous. If you provide an email and choose to remain anonymous, it will be stored securely and neither the team at Core Integrity or Crown Resorts will ever see it.  At the conclusion of your concern report being reviewed, your email address will be automatically deleted. 

Please be aware that anonymous reports can sometimes be more difficult to investigate. Should you wish to remain anonymous, we encourage you to use the online option so you can receive important updates and provide additional information if requested.  

We encourage you to consider raising your concern via this option as it will make it easier for you to receive updates, and to communicate securely with those who are reviewing and actioning your concern. 

Download our How to Submit a Report Online guide for more information.

Report a concern by Phone

Should you wish to raise a concern via phone,  one of the friendly Core Integrity staff will be happy to speak with you, answer any questions you may have and importantly, take down details of your concern.

If you hang up before your call can be answered or you do not leave a voicemail with your contact number, we will not attempt to call you back.

Report a concern by Email

Should you wish to submit your concern via email, one of our friendly team will respond within 24 hours.

Report a concern by Mail

You can submit your concern via traditional mail. Simply post your letter to the address listed and mark to the attention of Crown Speak Up. 

If you chose to report this way, please provide as much detail about your concern as possible. Try to be specific about people involved, departments, locations, dates, times, and the nature of the matter.

Please note that this option may take a little longer for our team to receive and acknowledge your concern. Additionally, submitting your concern via traditional mail makes it more difficult for us to acknowledge your concern and communicate with you.

We treat all concerns raised in the strictest confidence and all concerns, regardless of how they are reported, are entered into our secure online platform.

Attention: Crown Speak Up
PO Box 730
Milsons Point NSW 1565

Follow up a report

If you wish to follow up on the status or progress of a report you’ve submitted, or you wish to provide more information, you can access your report here. Simply use the QR code or click on the link and you will be taken to our secure reporting platform where you will be asked to enter your Report ID and your password.



The Core Integrity service is an independent and externally managed service for you to Speak Up and report any actual or suspected issue, wrongdoing or illegal activity that may be occurring that has the potential to impact you, your colleagues, our guests or the organisation as a whole. 

It complements existing internal speak up channels and provides you with a safe, simple and secure way to Speak Up.

The Core Integrity service is available to all Crown employees, current and former, suppliers to Crown and relatives and dependents of these people.

Crown believes that our employees play an important role in upholding our values and enabling our people to Speak Up when they see or suspect something that isn’t quite right is important. 

The Core Integrity Speak Up service provides an independent and confidential service to support raising concerns. The Core Integrity Speak Up service is designed to complement, and not replace, our existing internal channels for speaking up.

Including talking to your Manager, another People Leader, or

  • the People and Culture team about a work-related issue impacting you. Such as a conflict with another team member, work hours, issues with your pay, or your performance conversation 
  • the Compliance or Risk team about a potential breach of one of our obligations and getting support to have this raised and addressed in Archer. 

The Core Integrity service enables you to Speak Up and raise a wide range of concerns or issues. Common issues include fraud, theft, bribery and corruption, breaches of policy, conflicts of interest, bullying and harassment – to name a few. You should refer to Crown’s:

The service is independently managed by Core Integrity. The team from Core Integrity are trained in dealing with complex and sensitive disclosure issues. We know that, at times, people may not feel comfortable raising an issue in person or with those who they work with. Core Integrity provides you with a number of secure channels and enables you to speak to a trained expert to raise an issue or concern early whilst having your confidentiality or identity (should you choose) protected.

Core Integrity will prepare a detailed report of your concern. Both your online concern and the detailed report will only be referred to an authorised person within Crown for review, and where appropriate, further action. You are encouraged to retain your Report ID and password and to monitor progress of your concern.

Should you wish to follow up on the status of your concern, ask a question or provide further information, you are encouraged to do this via our secure online platform.

Depending on the information provided and the nature of the concern, Crown will then consider the most appropriate course of action. Every concern is different, and not all concerns require an investigation.

Crown will review the concern in detail, consider the information and any other information that may be available in determining the most appropriate course of action and follow any existing internal policies and procedures that exist in formulating their response to appropriately deal with, and resolve the matter. 

Sometimes it may be deemed appropriate to commence an investigation. An investigation may be undertaken internally or may be outsourced to a suitably qualified and experienced investigator. 

We may also use the information from concerns to understand what are common themes, trends and issues occurring across the organisation.  This analysis supports ongoing training and initiatives.

During this process you can remain anonymous.

All concerns received by Core Integrity are treated in the strictest of confidence. Your identity, and the information you provide, will be treated in confidence and only shared with select people at Crown who are responsible for reviewing and receiving such matters. Importantly, your identity and the information you supply will only be shared with your consent. 

If you wish to remain anonymous you may do so. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you are encouraged to make your concern via the secure online platform and to monitor progress of your concern. 

In some circumstances either Core Integrity or Crown may be required, by law, to share the details of your concern, such as in mandatory reporting circumstances. In these circumstances you will be advised of such at the time of either making your report to Core Integrity or by a member of Crown who has been assigned your concern for further review and action. 

If you don’t feel comfortable in providing your details and information in these circumstances, you should advise the Core Integrity team. 

Crown does not tolerate retaliation against any individuals (including a employee contractor, Director, or supplier) that Speaks Up. Action will be taken against anyone who retaliates against a person who raises a concern.

All concerns received via the Core Integrity service are recorded in our secure online platform. Regardless of which channel you use to speak up, you will be given a unique Report ID and password that enables you to directly access your concern report at any time. You are encouraged to retain your Report ID and password to enable you to login and check on the status and progress of your concern. 

Our secure online platform enables you to engage in secure, two-way communications with the Core Integrity team and those who have been assigned internally to your concern. This secure two-way communication is perfect for asking questions, receiving updates, and even providing more information in support of your concern.  You can remain anonymous using the Core Integrity service.

Yes. The Core Integrity service uses the latest in secure, anonymous two-way communications so you don’t have to provide your name and other details if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

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