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Get to the bottom of misconduct issues with our independent workplace investigation services

Suspect misconduct in your workplace?

We specialise in the following common misconduct issues:

We specialise in the following common misconduct issues:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Conflicts of interests
  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Data breach
  • Business email compromise
  • Breach of Policy

Protect your people, reputation and bottom line

When it comes to bullying, harassment, discrimination or fraud allegations, matters need to be handled carefully and objectively. Utilise independent investigators to ensure unbiased workplace investigations.

Contact our team with years of expertise in efficient workplace and HR investigations. We take action quickly to minimise your financial loss to fraud and reputational damage due to workplace misconduct issues. 

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Independent Workplace Investigations

No surprises

We offer competitive rates for tailored and considered investigative responses based on the issues at hand, with no scope creep and no surprises

Communication is key

We work closely with Chief Executive Officers, senior executives and HR personnel in providing investigation advice and support to help them respond

Tailored approach

Our multi-disciplinary and highly experienced team develops a custom investigation plan and provides comprehensive reports to enable you to take the right action

Forensic technology services

We unlock the power of your data by identifying and investigating the various devices, hardware, systems and tools that can play a role in uncovering the truth

Our promise


The consequences of fraud and employee misconduct on your organisation cannot be understated. My team and I take go above and beyond in every single investigation – no matter how big or small – to help you do the right thing. 

Clients turn to us because of our deep experience across corporate, sports and government. We can be your trusted partner for ongoing support. From policy or data breaches over credit card misuse to sexual harassment investigations – we are here to help.

I’m looking forward to speaking to you. 

Darren Murphy
CEO & Founder

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