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How to comply with SIRS – Everything Aged Care Providers need to know

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How to comply with SIRS

Everything Aged Care Providers need to know

Fulfil your obligations under SIRS

The Serious Incident Response Scheme came into effect on April 1st, 2021. 

The initiative is placing legislative obligations on aged care providers to have an effective Incident Management System in place.

This comprehensive guide 

  • gives an overview of SIRS and whom it applies to;
  • explains what the obligations under SIRS mean for providers;
  • gives tips on how providers can ensure they do not breach their obligations under SIRS; and
  • provides guidance on instituting best practice governance for providers in relation to receiving and responding to incidents.
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Review your status quo

Have you implemented the key aspects of SIRS successfully? 

Use this guide to reflect on your obligations and status quo before further updates to SIRS come into effect in October 2021:

Does your Incident Management System meet the requirements?

Are you taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk by implementing a holistic framework that goes beyond a baseline reporting system?

Providers who fail to adhere to their obligations under SIRS have to expect serious consequences. 

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