Compliance Support Services for Government Departments

We review your compliance and enforcement programs to assess and assist with capability, processes and efficiencies.

Whole-of-program support

Bringing our fraud, integrity and risk experience, we create tailored and bespoke solutions for federal and state government departments. We build out compliance programs and provide holistic support in enforcing compliance.

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Supporting government departments in their compliance programs

Tailored solutions

We create tailored compliance solutions to help you achieve compliance through effective and efficient processes and programs.

Experienced investigators

Our diverse and experienced team of investigators allows you to draw upon personnel with the skills to assist in compliance enforcement activities.

Operational Performance

Core Integrity's sweet spot lies in reviewing data relating to operational performance and efficiently drive enhancements.

Visual Management Dashboard Capability

We work with compliance teams to identify and analyse key data sources that support the compliance and enforcement programs.

Creating reporting channels for compliance breaches

Core Integrity’s Speak Up Hotline provides government departments with a secure platform to receive reports of compliance breaches. This includes having reports triaged and assessed by Core Integrity to assist in determining the appropriate action to be taken.

Speak Up Integrity Hotline Brochure

Developing & Deploying AI and ML models

Using the outputs of an operational performance review and enhancements, we develop an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capability to support the relevant compliance programs.

Dedicated fraud and forensic subject matter expertise

We provide dedicated fraud and forensic expertise to help government departments assess current exposure and provide advice and coordination support in respect to how the department should respond to compliance breaches from an investigation perspective, including potential law enforcement referral and liaison.

What our clients say

Darren, Ian, Dylan and the team at Core Integrity bring a breadth of public and private sector experience to our team.  Our staff now have a secure, confidential and safe way to speak up when they see something wrong in the workplace.  The integrity hotline provides a vehicle for our staff to come forward in a confidential way should they wish to with the comfort that someone will listen and take the necessary action. Core Integrity have also provided us assistance in strengthening our fraud risk management processes and help us build strong intelligence networks with law enforcement and other agencies. The team is committed, polished and professional – I would be more than happy to speak with anyone thinking about taking them on to share our experience.

NSW Public Sector

We can tailor compliance support services for your needs. Contact us to find out more.

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How good is your Whistleblower Program?

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