Manage Modern Slavery Risks and Requirements

Develop a strong framework to mitigate risk in your organisation and supply chain

Comply with the Modern Slavery Act

Take action now to meet your organisation’s obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (learn more about the Act here) and implement processes to mitigate risks in your operations and supply chain.
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Managing supplier relationships can be complex and costly. Our cost-effective solutions are comprehensive yet simple.


We believe in setting up our clients for long-term success with solutions that meet their business needs at every step of the journey.


We take the load off you with holistic solutions supporting your entire compliance program, or specific services suitable for your needs.


As experts in compliance and people-related risk, we know how to set you up for success.

Develop a holistic Modern Slavery Framework

Proactively mitigate the risk of modern slavery practices in your organisation and supply chain. We review your existing policies and procedures and work with you to develop and implement a framework including:
  1. having effective reporting mechanisms in place to uncover modern slavery practices;
  2. conducting due diligence of operations and suppliers;
  3. building out processes to eliminate or mitigate modern slavery practices; and
  4. conducting systematic reviews to ensure that practices and processes are up-to-date.

Establish reporting mechanisms for employees and suppliers

As part of creating a framework, Reporting Entities need to implement ongoing reporting mechanisms for individuals associated with the organisation to report issues of modern slavery practices.

These reporting mechanisms should include multiple reporting channels and need to be made available and promoted to any individual involved in the organisation’s operations or supply chains. Discover our cost-efficient Speak Up Integrity Hotline Program which comes with unlimited reports, 5 reporting channels and implementation support.

Learn more about our Speak Up Hotlines

Manage risks and requirements with a suitable tool

Our risk & compliance platform, Corethix, provides a solution to manage suppliers to ensure compliance with an organisation’s obligations under the Modern Slavery Act.

Utilising up to 8 pre-configured modules, organisations can provide their suppliers access to the platform, have them attest to important policies and procedures, use the incident module to report a potential issue or breach and securely access a speak up hotline or reporting form. Importantly, the survey module enables the tailored development of self-assessment questionnaires for suppliers.

Learn more about the Corethix platform

Establishing a Modern Slavery Framework


Conduct a review of applicable policies and procedures

Our team of experts will work with you to review and update applicable policies and procedures to bring them in line with legal obligations and best practice.


Implement reporting mechanisms

Our Speak Up Integrity Program is the ideal solution to uncover modern slavery risks in your supply chain and operations, no matter where these may be located.


Undertake due diligence and identify modern slavery practices

We undertake extensive due diligence on operations and suppliers (both new and current) using a range of tools to help identify modern slavery practices or where risks of modern slavery practices may exist within suppliers and your operations


Adopt processes to eliminate modern slavery practices

Utilise suitable software to make your life easy. Manage risks and requirements in one place with the Corethix platform, including tracking your suppliers' compliance with your modern slavery obligations.


Comprehensive reporting capability

Tailored dashboards and analytical insights allow streamlined compliance and governance reporting on the performance of your Modern Slavery Framework.


Systemic reviews

We undertake annual reviews of your framework to ensure that it is current and still best practice. This provides you with peace of mind that your organisation continues to meet its obligations

Discover our tailored Modern Slavery solutions

Resources for further reading

Modern Slavery Quick Guide for Reporting Entities

Taking the steps to be compliant with the Modern Slavery Act can be challenging. This Quick Guide gives an overview of the obligations for Reporting Entities under the Modern Slavery Act, including the requirements to produce a Modern Slavery Statement.

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