Whistleblower and Workplace Investigation Packages for the Mining Sector

Respond to issues and protect your people with speak up hotlines and workplace investigation packages

Build a strong compliance program and minimise incidents

The parliamentary report into sexual harassment in the FIFO mining industry (“Enough is Enough”) calls for urgent action to be taken to minimise workplace misconduct in the mining industry. The report not only uncovered the lack of anonymous reporting channels available to report sexual harassment, abuse, bullying and other wrongdoing. It also showed that security and safety measures urgently need improvement and policies and procedures are often inadequate.

We specialise in building strong compliance programs and help increase organisation’s internal capability to build safe workplace cultures. Take action now to strengthen your compliance program with our tailored solutions.


Protect your people, reputation and bottom line

Increase your capacity

Respond quickly and consistently to all issues that arise with our speak up program

Protect your business

Improve internal capability and compliance processes with tailored advisory services

Rely on an experienced partner

Choose us as your dedicated Integrity Partner that supports your compliance program

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We package up our services into cost-effective solutions that meet your organisation's requirements

Uncover assault and misconduct with whistleblower hotlines

Enable your people to confidentially report incidents of sexual harassment, assault, bullying and other misconduct in the workplace. As part of our externally managed and independent Speak Up Hotline programs, we provide you with 5 independent reporting channels for employees, contractors and suppliers to speak up safely. Our speak up agents are certified in using a trauma-informed approach and triage and carefully assess every report.

Outsource unlimited workplace investigations

Outsource uncovered issues to be investigated by our team of highly experienced investigators. With our investigation retainer model, we conduct unlimited investigations across both simple and complex investigations spanning discrimination, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, asset misappropriation, bribery and corruption and a range of other workplace misconduct issues. As your dedicated outsourced integrity provider, we provide you with a rapid response service where you might be lacking in capacity or capability.

Build a reliable complaint management framework

Put the right processes and procedures in place to build a culture of integrity. We assist industry clients with the development and management of an internal Complaint Management Process and Framework to build their internal capability to manage reports of misconduct.

Take action to protect your people and minimise workplace misconduct issues

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How good is your Whistleblower Program?

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