Fraud Awareness Training

According to the ACFE. CFEs estimate that organisations lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year. On average, fraud schemes remain undetected for 14 months.

Reduce the cost and impact of fraud and corruption to your organisation by investing in important Fraud Awareness training for your people. We provide your people with the knowledge and skills to understand the risks of fraud, identify wrongdoing and follow the right policies and procedures when reporting it.

Fraud losses

Fraud Awareness Individual Training

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Wednesday 3rd May 2023

10am - 1pm | Virtual live session
$395 per person


For all staff, senior managers or executives

Available as face-to-face, hybrid, virtual live training

20 people per session

Duration: 3 hours

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What they will learn

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What are the benefits of Anti Fraud Training?

Reduce both the cost and impact of fraud and misconduct on your organisation by enabling your people to report actual and suspected issues earlier.
With this interactive live training, you equip your people to do the right thing and actively participate in fraud prevention.

Encourage a safe speak up culture and reinforce relevant policies and procedures in your organisation to identify and report fraud.

More than just a lecture

Interactive Training

Our training includes interactive quizzes and case studies to embed the learning outcomes. We encourage discussions with the facilitators to cover any questions and concerns.

Custom Program

We tailor our training programs to suit your organisation and your unique needs. We point out trends, insights and fraud risk types that are relevant to your industry and organisation.

Expert Facilitators

Our facilitators are experts on fraud, workplace investigations, whistleblowing, risk and compliance and creating safe speak up cultures. They will share relatable insights and examples with the participants.

Applicable Learning Outcomes

With this training, we empower your people to take ownership of their responsibility in identifying and reporting instances of fraud to protect your organisation.

How often should organisations conduct anti-fraud training?

The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre recommends fraud training every 12 months and for induction.
Get your team up to speed with fraud training in early 2023. With people working from home or in hybrid work environments, potentially having been onboarded from home, and continuing mental and financial distress due to the pandemic, the risk of undetected fraudulent behavior has increased remarkably over the past 2 years.
Reconnect your (senior) management with you employees through training and keep important compliance topics top of mind.

Why should organisations conduct interactive anti-fraud training?

By participating in case studies and engaging discussions, your people acquire skills on how to detect and report fraud. 
Interactive training assists to build a culture of compliance and integrity through engagement and participation. As an organisation, you are promoting your dedication to build a culture of ethics by conducting yearly live Fraud Awareness Training for your teams.

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