Whistleblower Key Role Training

This training is designed for those who are performing key roles in your whistleblower  program. 
Whistleblower Protection Officers (WPO) and Whistleblower Investigation Officers (WIO) are important representors, and we help educating them on whistleblower legislation and policies. We share our expertise in triage and management of confidential reports to get your key roles ready to take on this great responsibility.
Whistleblower Key Role Training

For key representatives in your whistleblower program

Available as face-to-face, hybrid, virtual live training

20 people per session

Duration: 60 minutes

What they will learn

More than just a lecture

Interactive Training

Our training includes interactive quizzes and case studies to embed the learning outcomes. We encourage discussions with the facilitators to cover any questions and concerns.

Custom Program

We tailor our training programs to suit your organisation and your unique needs. We leverage industry trends and insights to embed key learning outcomes that are relevant to your key roles.

Expert Facilitators

Our facilitators are not only experts on whistleblowing, they are also experts in the fields of workplace investigations, risk and compliance and creating safe speak up cultures. They will share valuable insights and examples with your key roles.

Applicable Learning Outcomes

With this training, we empower your key roles to take ownership of their crucial role in implementing a safe speak up culture and protecting whistleblowers.

What are the benefits of Whistleblower Key Role Training?

This training educates key roles in your internal whistleblower program about their obligations and responsibilities under the Australian whistleblower legislation.
It equips your key roles to do the right thing when handling whistleblower matters and allows your organisation to maintain a functioning and compliant whistleblower program.
Set your whistleblower program up for success and build the foundation to reduce both the cost and impact of fraud and misconduct on your organisation.
We recommend to conduct this training yearly with your key roles, or upon induction. 

Create a safe speak up culture. Get in touch with us.

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