Executive Speak Up Training

Interactive training for executives and boards on fundamental legislation and the importance of safe speak up cultures in uncovering serious misconduct

In this session we educate your Executive team or Board of Directors on key aspects of the new whistleblower legislation and their role as ‘Eligible Recipients’ who now have responsibilities under the legislation.

Executive Speak Up Training

For Executive Teams or Board of Directors

Available face-to-face, as virtual live training or hybrid training

max. 25 people per sessions (face-to-face), no limit for virtual settings

Duration: 60 mins

What they will learn

  • How we got here – an overview of the poor historical treatment of whistleblowers, the parliamentary inquiry and the research conducted into whistleblowing in Australia that lead to the new legislation
  • An overview of the key aspects of the new legislation
  • Penalties for non-compliance under the legislation
  • The role of Senior Managers (Executives) and Officers (Directors) as eligible recipients
  • Case study of what not to do
  • The important role hotlines play in uncovering serious fraud and corruption

Key Benefits

Interactive Training

Interactive case quizzes and case studies

Legislation explained

Bringing you up to speed on the relevant whistleblower legislation

Cover risks of non-compliance

Covering risks and penalties and non-compliance

Building safe cultures

Reinforcing the role of executives in creating a safe speak up culture

Bring your company up to speed on the new whistleblower legislation and how to create a safe speak up culture. Get in touch.

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