Fraud Awareness Training

Educate your staff and leaders about fraud risks, how to identify red flags and report fraud and workplace misconduct.

CFOs estimate that organisations lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year. On average, fraud schemes remain undetected for 14 months.

Avoid losses to fraud and corruption and create a culture of integrity with our tailored sessions for executives, senior managers or all staff. We provide your people with the knowledge and skills to understand the risks of fraud, identify wrongdoing and follow the right policies and procedures when reporting it. 

Our team of highly experienced experts with a background in whistleblowing and fraud investigation engage your teams in interactive training sessions. Empower your people to do the right thing with Fraud Awareness Training.

Fraud Awareness

For all staff, senior managers or executive

Available face-to-face, as virtual live training or hybrid training

~25 people per session (face-to-face)

Duration: 3 hours

What they will learn

    Key Benefits

    Create awareness about fraud risks, red flags and controls to protect your reputation and bottom line.

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