Whistleblower Training for People Leaders

Interactive training for managers and team leaders on fundamental legislation and how to create a safe speak up culture

This training is designed for your people managers who are leading teams across your organisation. It will help them understand and comply with the new legislation whilst helping them take the lead in fostering and supporting a safe speak up culture.

Protect your people, reputation and bottom line by increasing awareness around your organisation’s Whistleblower Program and what it takes to create an ethical workplace culture.

Speak Up Manager Training

For Managers and team leaders

Available face-to-face, as virtual live training or hybrid training

max. 25 people per sessions (face-to-face), no limit for virtual settings

Duration: 60 mins

What we cover in the session

    More than just a lecture

    Upskill your leaders on whistleblowing and build a safe speak up culture

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