Whistleblower Key Role Training

Interactive training for the key roles of your whistleblower program on fundamental whistleblower policy and legislation, their responsibilities and best practice management of a protected disclosure.

This training is designed for those who are performing key roles in your whistleblower  program. Whistleblower Protection Officers (WPO) and Whistleblower Investigation Officers (WIO) are important representors, and we help educating them on whistleblower legislation and policies. We share our expertise in triage and management of confidential reports to get your key roles ready to take on this great responsibility.

Whistleblower Key Role Training

For key representatives in your whistleblower program

Available face-to-face, as virtual live training or hybrid training

max. 5 people per sessions (face-to-face)

Duration: 60 mins

What they will learn

    Key Benefits

    Get your key roles ready to handle all whistleblower matters, comply with the legislation and promote a safe speak up culture. Get in touch.

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