Create a safe speak up culture with our leading Whistleblower Hotline Service

Identify fraud, corruption and wrongdoing in the workplace with our external and independent whistleblower hotline program. Enable your employees to report issues anonymously and confidentially. 

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Protect your people, reputation and bottom line

Comply with whistleblower law and uncover bullying, harassment, fraud and other misconduct with a tailored whistleblower program. 

Utilise our secure whistleblower platform and case management system to manage workflows, communicate with reporters and track the success of your program with analytics.

Industry-leading whistleblower solution

24/7 Reporting

24/7 reporting available via 5 reporting channels, including online, mobile & hotline

Anonymous Reporting

Secure 2-way communication via the platform allows you to follow up anonymous reports.

Unlimited Reports

Our packages are priced based on the number of key roles and administrators from your organisation.

Data & Analytics

Report the success of your program back to your board with activity reporting and dashboards.

Industry-leading expertise

We take reports with a trauma-informed approach and triage & assess every submission with greatest care.

Partnership approach

Your success is our success. We collaborate to improve your numbers via regular reviews and benchmarking. 

What our clients say

Our promise


Only a successful whistleblower and ethics program will minimise incidents and consequently potential losses or reputational damage for your business. By choosing a whistleblower hotline provider with focus on making your program a success, you are making the right choice.

Clients turn to us because of our deep experience in whistleblowing, our leading technology platform and most importantly – our passion. Let’s make your organisation’s whistleblower program a success. 

I’m looking forward to speaking to you. 

Darren Murphy
CEO & Founder

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