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Whistleblowing - How to get it right

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Whistleblowing - How to get it right

Understanding whistleblower legislation, common risks & issues, and how to implement a best practice Whistleblower Program

On-demand recording from Thursday, 14th April 2022 | 11.00am AEST

What is covered in the session?
  • The role of whistleblowing in uncovering fraud, corruption and employee misconduct
  • An overview of the whistleblower legislation
  • Common risks and issues of managing whistleblowing matters
  • Best practice tips & action items to get your organisation up to speed

What is the status of your organisations Whistleblower Program?

What is the status of your organisations Whistleblower Program? 

Are you just getting started? Do you have some policies and procedures in place, but you are not 100% confident that your organisation is managing matters and mitigating risks appropriately EVERY TIME? 

Then this webinar is for you.

Join our free webinar as Darren Murphy, CEO of Core Integrity facilitates an interactive session and walks you through important aspects of the whistleblower legislation, risks associated with managing whistleblower matters internally and gives you hands-on advice and actionable steps to build a best practice whistleblower program.

In 45-min session, we give guidance on what it means to be compliant with the legislation, but also take it a step further and mitigate risks that organisations face day-to-day when it comes to managing whistleblower matters internally. We provide you with resources to take action and improve your organisations’ policies, procedures and management of whistleblowing matters.

Complying with the whistleblower legislation

What does it take to comply with the whistleblower legislation? Does your organisation have all the right policies and procedures in place?

Darren Murphy and Dylan Bohnen from Core Integrity will provide you with an overview on important legislative aspects including recent updates to the legislation and penalties of non-compliance.


Comply with Fair Work Ombudsman
Whistleblower Webinar

Building internal capability to mitigate common risks

Ticking all the boxes to be compliant is the first step. But what does it take to build a best practice program? 

No matter if you are just getting started, already have a whistleblower hotline in place or just want to make sure your program is meeting best practice – in this webinar we will provide you with actionable advice to build a holistic whistleblower program.

The Speakers

Darren Murphy

Core Integrity

With 25 years of operating as an integrity risk professional, Darren has significant experience covering a broad range of integrity and conduct risks. Darren is passionate about protecting an organisation’s reputation, people and bottom line. He helps senior executives implementing a proactive approach to how they manage their fraud, corruption and integrity risks with comprehensive solutions, whistleblower programs being one of the most efficient ones.


Dylan Bohnen

Core Integrity

With a background in employment law, Dylan is highly experienced in helping organisations navigate an ever-changing legislative and regulatory landscape and advising them on internal policies and procedures. He identifies pathways for organisations to better help their people uphold the organisation’s values and culture. As a firm believer in companies taking a proactive approach to workplace issues – big or small – Dylan sees integrity risk management and corporate governance as integral strategies for organisations to meet their full potential.


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