Enhancements to the Corethix Platform.

There are some fantastic new enhancements to the Corethix platform that will be rolled out shortly. As a result of feedback from users, we have created a way to bulk assign policies, documents and certificates. This can be done at when a user is first created, or later if needed.

If your organisation provides a standard policies, documents and certificate ‘pack’ to all new starters, this new enhancement will enable a quicker set up.

To enable sorting of newly set up users, a status of ‘New’ has been created so they can be assigned at the point of set up.

Previously, when a new user was created their status was inactive in the system. This did not allow the admin to sort out the new users from inactive users.

This new feature reduces the need to manually assign policies or certificates at set up.

To enable this assignment of policies, documents and certificates there is a new enhancement called ‘bulk allocation’ which will let you build any number of rules which specify which documents, policies or certificate categories you wish to apply to a group of users. You can filter the users by status i.e. ‘New’ and any location or function and then apply rule which will add document(s) or certificate(s) to those users if they don’t already have them.

The important functionality of this new enhancement is that you can not only assign a ‘new starter pack’ to all new starters, but you can also add another rule that can be used for location or function of specific users. For example, this could be for ‘new’ users who are in ‘sales’ or ‘finance’.

Overall, these new enhancements will streamline the set up and management of users on the Corethix Platform.

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