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FAQ - Workplace Investigations

1. Why choose Core Integrity as a workplace investigation service provider?

Core Integrity stands out as a workplace investigation service provider due to our commitment to excellence, expertise, and integrity. Our team of highly skilled investigators is dedicated to delivering thorough and impartial investigations tailored to your organisation’s needs. We prioritise confidentiality, fairness, and compliance with legal standards, ensuring you receive the highest quality service.

2. What sort of investigation services does Core Integrity offer?

Core Integrity provides a comprehensive range of workplace investigation services, including misconduct, fraud and corruption investigations, harassment and discrimination investigations, whistleblower investigations, and more. Our services are designed to address a wide range of workplace issues, maintaining fairness and impartiality throughout the process.

3. What sort of experience do our investigators have?

Our investigators have extensive experience in workplace investigations, often with backgrounds in HR, law enforcement, or legal professions. They receive ongoing training to stay up to date with best practices and industry standards, ensuring they can handle complex and sensitive cases effectively.

4. Is Core Integrity an authorised/qualified workplace investigator?

Yes, Core Integrity’s investigators are highly qualified and authorised workplace investigators with a strong understanding of relevant laws and regulations. We adhere to industry standards and ethical guidelines in conducting investigations.

5. What is a workplace investigation, and what is its purpose?

A workplace investigation is a systematic process used to gather and evaluate evidence to determine whether misconduct or policy violations have occurred in the workplace. Its purpose is to establish the facts, protect the rights of all parties involved, and provide recommendations for appropriate actions or remedies.

6. What are the key steps to conduct a workplace investigation?

Workplace investigations typically involve the following steps: a. Planning and defining the scope b. Gathering evidence c. Conducting interviews d. Analysing evidence e. Making findings and recommendations f. Reporting and follow-up

7. What are the important things to consider when choosing a workplace investigation service provider?

When selecting a workplace investigation service provider, consider factors such as their experience, expertise, adherence to legal standards, commitment to confidentiality, and ability to provide impartial and unbiased investigations.

8. What additional support do you provide to an organisation?

Core Integrity offers post-investigation support, which may include policy development, training programs, and guidance on implementing recommended actions to prevent future workplace issues. Our scope of services include; Speak-up Integrity/Whistleblower Hotline Services, Physical Security, Workplace investigations, Sports Integrity services, and Integrity Advisory services.

9. Are your services available Australia-wide?

Yes, our services are available across Australia. We have a nationwide presence and can conduct workplace investigations in various locations.

10. What if I need urgent advice?

If you require urgent advice related to a workplace matter, please contact us immediately. We offer timely responses and support to address urgent concerns.

11. Briefly explain the workplace investigation steps.

Workplace investigations typically involve planning, evidence gathering, interviews, analysis, findings, reporting, and follow-up actions.

12. What to do when a work performance or conduct matter arises?

When a work performance or conduct issue arises, it’s essential to document the matter, assess its seriousness, and consider whether a workplace investigation is necessary to address the issue fairly and impartially.

13. What are the most common workplace investigations?

The most common workplace investigations include allegations of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, bullying, theft, fraud, and violations of company policies.

14. Can a workplace investigate you without you knowing?

In most cases, workplace investigations involve notifying the parties involved to ensure transparency and fairness. However, there are limited situations where investigations may be conducted discreetly for legal or safety reasons.

15. Can you refuse to take part in an investigation?

While individuals have the right to participate or decline participation in a workplace investigation, it’s important to understand that non-cooperation may have consequences, including disciplinary action.

16. I want to complain about a colleague. Can I remain anonymous?

Depending on your organisation’s policies and the nature of the complaint, it may be possible to make an anonymous complaint. However, anonymous complaints can be challenging to investigate, as they may lack essential details and evidence.

17. What is an example of procedural fairness in the workplace?

Procedural fairness in the workplace ensures that all parties involved in an investigation have an opportunity to provide their side of the story, access to relevant evidence, and a fair and unbiased process throughout the investigation.

18. What to expect during a workplace investigation?

During a workplace investigation, you can expect a fair and impartial process, interviews with relevant parties, collection of evidence, and a final report outlining findings and recommendations.

19. How to know if an independent workplace investigator is needed?

An independent workplace investigator is typically required when there is a potential conflict of interest within the organisation, such as when the alleged wrongdoer is in a position of authority or when internal resources may not ensure a fair and unbiased investigation. An independent investigator ensures impartiality and credibility in the process.

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