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Providing industry-leading whistleblower hotline solutions in Australia. 

  • We help organisations to create safe speak-up cultures.
  • In adherence to GDPR and all legislated whistleblower protection regulations.
  • Offering independent and externally managed Speak Up Integrity Hotline programs.
  • All of our programs are powered by ClearView Connects™, a robust and secure ethics reporting platform used in over 150 countries across the globe.

Protect your most valuable assets with our industry-leading whistleblower hotline program.

Protect your most valuable assets with our industry-leading whistleblower hotline program.

We help people speak up at:

Implement a contemporary whistleblowing hotline in your organisation today and foster a culture of open communication.

Why Core Integrity?

  • Clients choose us because of our deep experience in whistleblowing.
  • As your long-term integrity partner, we want to assist you in building a positive workplace culture that translates into employee satisfaction and retention.
  • We understand that no two organisations are the same, and neither are their whistleblower and integrity programs. 
  • Our whistleblower hotline service is an independent and fully managed service that not only helps you be compliant, but also helps you create a safe speak up culture across the whole organisation.
  • Our team works with you to design, implement and manage the best whistleblower hotline program to suit your organisation from a legislative, operational and cultural perspective.
  • The experts at Core Integrity have significant experience at tailoring ethics hotline programs to suit any business, across corporate, government and professional sports. Big or small – we get you.

Is your organisation's Whistleblower Policy up to date?

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