Workplace Investigation Training for Individuals

Interactive training on how to conduct effective investigations

Are you interested to learn how to plan, conduct and manage an effective workplace investigation from start to finish? Then this training is perfect for you. We have specifically developed our “How to conduct an effective workplace investigation” training for individuals working within organisations who undertake or manage workplace investigations.

In this interactive training, we cover fundamentals of procedural fairness and natural justice,  supported with case law examples. You will be acquiring the skills to effectively plan, manage and conduct an investigation, including how to deliver your findings in a concise and factual report that internal decision-makers can rely upon.

No matter what role you are in, whether it be human resources, internal audit or a finance or risk role – this training will dramatically improve your knowledge and skills to help you plan, conduct and manage an effective workplace investigation.

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24th August 2022

9am - 12pm | Virtual live session
$495 per seat

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Virtual live training

Limited to 15 people per session

Duration: 3 hours

What you will learn

Who is this training for?

This training is essential for any internal human resource, internal audit, risk and compliance or security personnel who are responsible for conducting employee misconduct and work-related investigations for their organisation.

This training is tailored to individuals looking to upskill and enhance their knowledge in order to conduct an effective workplace investigation. If you are interested in training your team or department please via our Workplace Investigation Training for teams.

More than just a lecture

Interactive Training

Our training includes interactive quizzes and case studies to embed the learning outcomes. We encourage discussions with the facilitators to cover any questions and concerns.

Expert Facilitators

Our facilitators are experts on workplace and misconduct investigations, whistleblowing, risk and compliance and creating safe speak up cultures. They will share relatable insights and examples with participants.

Applicable Learning Outcomes

With this training, you build the skills to investigate and manage sensitive issues arising in your organisation.

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