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Core Integrity provides professional Physical Security Services in Australia, protecting your people, assets and information.

Core Integrity - Core Integrity's Comprehensive Physical Security Services Safeguarding Australia's Businesses

Keep your people, assets and information safe with Core Integrity’s professional Physical Security Services in Australia. 

In an era where businesses are exposed to a myriad of evolving security risks, Core Integrity stands as a beacon of protection, offering unparalleled Physical Security Services in Australia. With a commitment to keeping people, property, and operations safe, Core Integrity specialises in holistic approaches, leveraging experienced professionals, cutting-edge methodologies, and adherence to international standards. 

Industries Benefiting from Physical Security Services in Australia 

  • Corporate Sector: Core Integrity’s Protective Security Risk Assessments are particularly valuable for corporate entities, helping them secure their head offices, regional branches, and operational facilities. With a focus on aligning security measures with strategic priorities, businesses can ensure the safety of their personnel and the continuity of their operations. 
  • Government Agencies: Government organisations often deal with sensitive information and high-profile individuals. Core Integrity’s experienced team, well-versed in governmental security standards, conducts assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implement protective measures, ensuring the security of critical assets. 
  • Professional Sports: The unique security challenges faced by the sports industry require a tailored approach. Core Integrity’s expertise extends to providing protective security assessments for sports organisations, safeguarding stadiums, training facilities, and high-profile events. 
  • Retail Networks: Retailers, with expansive networks of stores, distribution centres, and warehouses, benefit from Core Integrity’s services in securing their physical assets. From preventing theft to ensuring employee safety, the assessments contribute to the overall resilience of retail operations. 
  • Property Development: Property owners and developers seeking to implement ‘security by design’ in their projects find Core Integrity’s expertise invaluable. From initial planning to the operational phase, the company provides precinct-level protective security advice, fostering secure environments for tenants and stakeholders. 

Our Complete Approach to Physical Security

Core Integrity recognises that a sound security culture permeates an organisation from top to bottom. The Protective Security Risk Assessments are designed not only to evaluate physical vulnerabilities but also to understand the broader mission and strategic priorities of the client. This holistic approach ensures that security measures are seamlessly integrated into the organisational fabric. 

Moreover, the inclusion of Cyber & Information Security Assessments acknowledges the interconnected nature of modern security risks. By addressing both physical and digital vulnerabilities, Core Integrity provides businesses with a comprehensive and cohesive security strategy. 

The importance of physical security services cannot be overstated, especially in a country like Australia, where businesses operate in diverse and often challenging environments. Core Integrity stands as a trusted partner, offering tailored Physical Security Services in Australia that cater to the unique needs of various industries. By embracing a holistic approach and leveraging a team of seasoned professionals, Core Integrity contributes significantly to the resilience and safety of Australian companies, ensuring they thrive in the face of ever-changing security risks. 

We help organisations keep their people, property and operations safe from ever-changing security risks.

We help organisations keep their people, property and operations safe from ever-changing security risks.

1. Physical Security Risk Assessments: A Holistic Approach

Never before has the need for a comprehensive security strategy been more critical. Core Integrity recognises the interconnectivity of physical, human, and cyber security risks, offering Protective Security Risk Assessments to corporate, government, and professional sports entities. The foundation of a sound security culture starts at the top, embedded at all levels, and reflected in organisational policies and procedures. 

Core Integrity’s approach to Protective Security Risk Assessments involves collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders. This ensures a fully informed understanding of the company’s mission, strategic priorities, and existing security arrangements. The team, comprising experienced, qualified, and licensed physical security experts with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, and corporate security, conducts assessments against recognised standards such as HB 167: Security Risk Management, Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge, and Australian government protective security standards and frameworks. 

Protective security risk assessments span across various environments, including corporate head offices, retail networks, and operational facilities like warehouses and storage facilities. For property owners and developers, Core Integrity offers expertise in ‘precinct’ level protective security advice, guiding clients through security considerations from the design phase to operationalising sites with building managers, tenants, and contracted security teams. 

2. Protecting Your Most Important Asset: Your People

Core Integrity recognises that people are the most valuable asset of any organisation. As the threat environment continues to escalate, the company provides a range of personal security and safety solutions tailored to safeguard individuals from diverse risks, including terrorism, politically motivated attacks, issue-motivated groups, organised crime, kidnap and ransom, industrial disputes, and cybercrime. 


Physical Security Services in Australia offered include: 

  • Executive Protection: Comprehensive protection for key executives. 
  • Vulnerability Assessments: Identifying potential weaknesses in personal security. 
  • Employee Protection and Personal Safety: Ensuring the well-being of staff members. 
  • Travel Security: Mitigating risks associated with domestic and international travel. 
  • Close Personal Protection: Tailored protection for specific individuals. 
  • Cyber Risk Assessments: Evaluating and addressing cyber threats. 

Core Integrity emphasises the importance of not risking the safety of people. The company encourages businesses of all sizes and industries to reach out and discuss their needs. Core Integrity’s expert team is ready to guide clients through various options, including physical assessments, planning, corporate governance advice, and cyber security evaluations. 

Core Integrity stands as a reliable partner in safeguarding Australian businesses from the ever-changing landscape of security risks. With a commitment to excellence, a holistic approach, and a team of seasoned professionals, Core Integrity is poised to continue providing unparalleled Physical Security Services in Australia, ensuring the safety and security of people, property, and operations across the nation.

Core Integrity

Protecting Your Confidential Data and Bottom Line: Cyber & Information Security Assessments 

In an age where information is a valuable commodity, Core Integrity understands the critical importance of safeguarding confidential data and protecting the bottom line of businesses. Cybersecurity threats pose a significant risk to organisations, ranging from data breaches to financial losses. Core Integrity’s commitment to comprehensive security services extends to Cyber & Information Security Assessments, providing businesses with the tools they need to fortify their digital infrastructure. 

Cyber threats are evolving rapidly, becoming more sophisticated and complex. To address this challenge, Core Integrity conducts thorough Cyber & Information Security Assessments, evaluating vulnerabilities, identifying potential risks, and recommending robust countermeasures. These assessments encompass a range of crucial aspects, including network security, data encryption, access controls, and overall system resilience. 

The experienced and qualified cybersecurity experts at Core Integrity are well-versed in the intricacies of cyber threats and leverage their knowledge to assess organizations against industry-leading standards and best practices. The assessments include evaluations based on established frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and other relevant standards. 

By conducting Cyber & Information Security Assessments, Core Integrity helps businesses: 

  1. Identify Vulnerabilities: Pinpoint weaknesses in the digital infrastructure that could be exploited by cyber threats. 
  2. Mitigate Risks: Develop strategies and countermeasures to minimise the impact of potential cyber-attacks. 
  3. Protect Confidential Data: Safeguard sensitive information through robust encryption and access controls. 
  4. Ensure Compliance: Align with industry-specific regulations and standards to avoid legal and regulatory consequences. 
  5. Preserve the Bottom Line: Minimize financial losses associated with cyber incidents, preserving the overall financial health of the organisation. 

We help organisations keep their people, property and operations safe from ever-changing security risks.

Rely on Core Integrity for professional physical security services in Australia

In a landscape where cyber threats can have severe consequences for businesses, the Cyber & Information Security Assessments offered by Core Integrity provide a proactive and preventative approach. By addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, businesses can protect their confidential data and financial stability. 

The comprehensive approach of Core Integrity extends beyond physical security, recognising that the digital realm is just as crucial for the overall well-being of an organisation. By integrating physical and cyber security assessments, Core Integrity ensures that businesses have a holistic and robust security strategy that covers all facets of potential risks. 

In conclusion, Core Integrity’s commitment to protecting businesses goes beyond traditional physical security measures. The inclusion of Cyber & Information Security Assessments reflects the company’s dedication to offering a comprehensive suite of services, addressing the multifaceted nature of contemporary security challenges. By trusting Core Integrity, businesses can fortify their defences, safeguard their confidential data, and ultimately secure their bottom line in the face of evolving security risks. 

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