Comprehensive Complainants Management in the Aged Care Sector

Supporting providers by implementing holistic speak up programs that provide best-practice governance in regards to receiving and reporting on issues and complaints raised by employees and clients.

Focusing on your people as the Aged Care system reforms

We implement tailored Speak Up programs that create safe channels for Aged Care workers and clients to speak up about potential issues and give providers the ability to efficiently case manage reports, including meeting their obligations under the Serious Incident Response Scheme.

As a long-term partner, we work closely with providers as challenges arise in a reforming sector to build a best-practice program that focuses on your people.

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Tailored for a post-Royal Commission environment

Confidential and secure case management

Managing incidents with a trauma-informed approach and your people's wellbeing as the highest priority

Comprehensive Reporting Capability

Tailored dashboards and analytical insights allow streamlined compliance and governance reporting and timely enhancements to your program

Tailored Compliance Advisory

Building out your entire complaints management framework & ensuring existing compliance systems meet new requirements flowing from the Royal Commission

Professional triage and assessment

Providing you with experienced and expert triage and assessment of matters - a 360 view of the incident, supporting you through the process of managing complaints

Compliant and best practice Whistleblower Hotlines

Comply with your obligations to implement a Serious Incident Response Scheme and empower your most valuable asset when it comes to quality and safety of care: your people. Complementing your internal programs, we provide you with 5 independent reporting channels for your people to speak up anonymously about issues.

Download Guide - How to comply with SIRS

Transparent but confidential and secure case management

Experts triage and assess every report and communicate via safe 2-way communication with reporters. This gives you transparency on issues, without compromising the reporter’s confidentiality or anonymity.


Comprehensive analytics

Conducting periodic reports, presenting relevant numbers to your board and submitting reports to the Commission made easy with our comprehensive reporting platform providing insights and analytics.

Long-term partner for best practice compliance programs

Create a safe speak up culture in your organisation: From developing your tailored solution, through implementation and go-live, our experts provide you with industry-leading advice and give directions on how to enhance your program.
Our confidential investigation services let us help you build internal capability for a best practice and proactive response when it comes to reported issues.

Implement best practice in line with the Royal Commission's recommendations


Audit your existing compliance program

We help you identify where our solutions can complement your existing program and initiatives.


Choose your level of service

From a basic hotline package to cover compliance, to complete risk advisory support, find your solution that is fit for purpose.


Implement an externally managed Speak Up Integrity Hotline

Comply with the recommendations and empower your people and clients to speak up about issues.


Build case management workflows & reporting dashboards

Use insights and analytics to improve your case management and reporting capability.


Consider optional integration of existing systems

Aggregate your audit, risk and compliance case management data into one central view.


Follow up reports with appropriate actions

We offer investigation, advisory and HR services to support you along the entire risk management life cycle and supplement our Integrity Hotlines.

Results we’ve achieved for clients

Ready to build out a best practice compliance program? We can assist you at every step of the journey. Book a free consultation with one of our experts.

Resources for further reading

Whistleblower Policy Template

Download your free copy of Core Integrity's Whistleblower Policy Template. This template will help you cover the 7 key things all Whistleblower Policies must have.

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How good is your Whistleblower Program?

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